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Communicating clearly and having Confidence are core leadership capability areas.

Clear Communication

We are sending out messages constantly, through a range of verbal and non verbal means.  With a focus on person to person communication, this workshop will increase your communication awareness of both self and others.


Learning Outcomes

During this day, you will work with your equine facilitators and get instant feedback in the following areas:

  • The power of your non verbal communication

  • Increase awareness of the non verbal cues from others

  • Eradicating “ the grey” from your communication

  • Adapting your communication to the individual and the circumstances

  • Stay focused on behaviours rather than traits when communicating


Developing Confidence & Resilience

Confidence starts within and is observed by others through the way we present ourselves - our voice, our body language, our pace, our appearance, our contribution. And confidence begets confidence - having confidence in yourself will give others confidence in you.

Our one day workshop will cover the following:

•             Steps to build confidence

•             What holds people back

•             How to develop a confidence presence

•             The impact of emotions on confidence

•             How resilience is built and maintained

•             Confident communication

•             Passive and aggressive behaviours



Both the Confidence and the Communication workshops run over one day from 8.30  am until 4.30 pm.



This is a hands on workshop held on our dedicated horse property at Mt Samson,  45 minutes north west of Brisbane City.   


Workshop Dates

Developing Confidence and Resilience

Please contact us for dates


Please contact us for dates


Developing Confidence & Resilience is $795

Communication workshop is $795

This includes all material, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


How to Book Your Place

Simply email us (or call or text) with the name of the specific course you wish to attend.

We will get back to you within 24 hours with the next available dates.

If you have a group of 4 – 8 people, please email and we can arrange a date specifically to meet your needs.


Communication & Confidence