Why we use horses

Why we work with horses

Horse in the office
There are many reasons why horses are excellent co-facilitators.
Horses are extraordinarily sensitive to how your present yourself.
They pick up on your cues - intentional and unintentional.
Buck Brannaman made the observation that a "horse is a mirror to your soul, and sometimes you may not like what you see. Sometimes, you will.”
In this way, they are excellent for increasing your own self awareness.
The horse has no ego.  They do not lie.
They react to you according to how you behave with them.
They do not care if you are the CEO - if their response to you is honest.
The feedback that they give you is real, immediate and unfiltered.
Each horse is an individual. They have different characters, personalities and behaviours.
Like us, they are a result of what has gone before - their previous experiences, learning and their biological (genetic) predisposition. Just like the people we work with!
In addition, a single horse will respond differently to you as compared to someone else - so they react to you as a unique individual. 
Horses naturally seek leadership. They operate in a herd structure with well defined social structure. Thus there is always a leader.
If you cannot offer leadership, the horse takes over it.
In many human/horse interaction, this is often where the relationship breaks down and injuries occur. 
In working with the horses, you will need to demonstrate leadership in action.
Horses are big, beautiful animals that command awe and respect. They may even engender fear in some.
Working with our horses will push you out of your comfort zone, and increase your awareness of your own feelings as well as the impact your emotions have on others.
Safety & Trust
Relationships built on trust are enduring and productive. This is two way.
If the horse does not trust you,  he will not willingly do as you ask.
If you do not trust the horse, you will be unable to work with him and get the best outcome for you both. 
In the words of Simon Sinek "Good leaders make you feel safe".
And of course because it is FUN!
We are in a beautiful environment, in the out-doors, experiencing something that is unique.
There are  laughs, good food, great company and outstanding learning!
What more could you ask for?