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We do not achieve results things alone. Teamwork is the foundation of all our workplaces.


We provide two options to help with teamwork in your business.

1. Team Work or Teamwork: Skills for effective team dynamics to achieve results.

2. Team Activity:  An activity designed specially for you and your team to enhance working together and to provide a team experience you won't forget (for up to 12 people). Please call or email to discuss your specific needs and we will create a bespoke program for you and your team. Options are half day or whole day.

1. Team Work or Teamwork

There are teams who are more effective than others. Our workshop provides practical and effective ways to facilitate Teamwork rather than team work.

Learning Outcomes

During this day, you will work with your equine facilitators and get instant feedback in the following areas:

  • Team vision, goals and purpose - why are they important

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Establishing team norms and behaviours

  • Establishing relationships 

  • Building trust & cohesion

  • Communicating effectively

  • Define and contribute to team culture

  • Providing feedback



This workshop runs over one day from 8.30  am until 4.30 pm.



This is a hands on workshop held on our dedicated horse property at Mt Samson,  45 minutes north west of Brisbane City.   



The  price per person is $795. 

This includes all material, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


How to  Book Your Place

Simply email us (or call or text) with the name of the specific course you wish to attend.

We will get back to you with the next available date.

If you have a group of 4 – 8 people, please email and we can arrange a date specifically to meet your needs.

Teamwork & Team Building Activities