If you are seeking run of the mill training and development, LeadershipEQ is NOT for you.

If you want innovative, fun programs that invoke the sensesexpand your thinking, that make an immediate difference and that you will remember for  years to come, then you have come to the right place. 


We  are very different from every other development or training program you have ever attended.

And yes - we use the term "training" because in our sessions you actually get to be hands on!  

Our  groups are small with 4 to 8 participants *.

This ensures that you get personalised attention and skills practice.

*Team building workshops can have up to 12 participants.


No PowerPoints!

No sitting in a conference room!

No boring lectures!

We work with horses to support your learning and development

We use powerful methodologies to embed your learning

You get to apply your skills , get immediate non-judgemental 

feedback and practice again

The workshops are all groundwork based - which means that there is NO horse riding.

Our methods are based on natural horsemanship and an understanding of horse psychology.

You will be working with the horses on the ground.

All our programs are underpinned by the latest in leadership and communication research and approaches. We share a number of models and approaches, thus providing you with a logical and pragmatic leadership and communication toolkit


Our programs are underpinned by Equine Assisted Learning.

We are not a provider of Equine Assisted Therapies (either physical or psychotherapy).

Our Approach