Leadership Development with a Difference
Leadership equine quotient
LeadershipEQ provides innovative hands on training and development programs with a difference.
From emotional intelligence, to leadership development, to mindfulness to coaching, our programs are hands on. Each participant is provided with a pragmatic toolbox and is able to immediately practice concepts in a safe environment, getting instant, honest feedback.
All our programs are underpinned by the latest research from the worlds best known thought leaders - including Sinek, Porath, Eurich, Goleman, Posner, Kouzes, Adair, Dan Pink, Lencioni, Goldsmith and Medina. Not only are participants provided with the best models and frameworks, they are given the opportunity to be hands on and practice skills. A blend of the theoretical and practical.
All learning is      Authentic     Experiential   Impactful    
LeadershipEQ helps leaders at all levels to be the best they can be.
Our hands on programs provide the opportunity for participants to learn the theory, apply new skills and get immediate feedback.
With horses as our co-facilitators, we use the power of their extraordinary sensitivity to help you experience and understand what effective leadership, communication, emotional intelligence and mindfulness feels like.

While leadership theory can be taught in the classroom, leadership itself is about behaviour and thus is best if it can be learned experientially, by actually “doing and getting “hands on”.

All our activities are untaken on the ground. There is no riding. No knowledge of horses is required.

We do not teach riding nor do we provide Equine Assisted Therapy.

Strategic Leaders

As a strategic leader, perhaps with a C suite role, you are responsible for creating an environment where your people can perform at their best. Strategic People Management may meet your needs.

You are also responsible for executing strategy, so Strategy to Execution to Review may be the program you are looking for.

Or you may wish to give your leadership team a unique and memorable  team building event. In this case, a Team Day may be what you are looking for.

Alternatively we can design a Bespoke program especially for your needs.

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Frontline Leaders

As frontline leaders, you have an enormous impact on those whom you lead.

You may well have been placed into a leadership role because of your technical expertise.  

Our  Leadership Intensive workshop will give you a toolkit that you can call on every day to be an effective leader.


If you want a more in depth program, our Leadership In Action  workshops arefor you.

Our Women As Leaders workshop has been designed to increase awareness and understanding of  the particular skills that help women succeed in both formal and informal leadership roles.

Want to explore Mindfulness? Then start with Mindfulness for Managers .

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New & Aspiring Leaders

If this is you, then you have an exciting journey ahead! And we will work with you and develop a toolkit to equip you for your future!

You may wish to have a greater understanding and improve your application of Emotional Intelligence through our

  • Emotional Intelligence Intensive

  • Emotional Intelligence in Action


Perhaps you want to build your confidence and so our Confidence is Contagious workshop  might be suitable.

Wanting to be in the present? Learn to Act rather than React? Perhaps a half day Mini Mindfulness session is for you.

And if you want to focus on establishing your leadership presence and skills, the Leadership Intensive is ideal.

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Business Owners

As your business grows and you employ others, the complexity of people management and people leadership  increases significantly.

But what have you done to increase your own effectiveness in the ever evolving world of leadership?

With the ability to make, execute and review all strategic and tactical business decisions, you have a very influential role.

Some of the programs which may suit you include:

  • Strategic People Management

  • Strategy to Execution

  • Leadership Intensive

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Human Resources Professionals

If you are a HR Professional looking for some professional development focused on leadership in HR,  then we can design a Bespoke Program suited to your needs and the needs of your business.  

Alternatively, you may find that Strategic People Management might be the program for you.

HR professionals may also want a Coaching Program which focusses on the particular challenges associated with the HR function.

You may be a HR professional or consultant looking for a particular program for your client base and our programs such as: 

  • Confidence is Contagious

  • Clear Communication

  • Team Work or Teamwork 

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Intelligence

might be just what you are looking for.

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After just one day with Helen and working with her Horses I got to see how there are times when I completely miss the behavioural cues people are giving me because I am making them mean something different from what they are,  or I am busying my head with too many things at once, or my visions, instructions and
expectations have not been clearly communicated.
Wendy Watego, Author & Founder of Stars Leadership Institute 
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