Leadership Development with a Difference
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LeadershipEQ provides a pragmatic framework enabling leaders to be more effective.
Put simply, it helps people be better leaders.
While the majority of popular literature on leading focuses on the big-ticket items such as engagement, culture, and performance, the LeadershipEQ approach digs deeper and considers the hundreds of micro-experiences that you and your team experience daily.
It is the sum of these small acts which contribute to your effectiveness as a leader
LeadershipEQ is about DOING, not just knowing. 
The Ten Elements of LeadershipEQ

LeadershipEQ considers three major aspects of leadership

  • WHO a leader IS;

  • WHAT a leader DOES; and

  • HOW a leader CONNECTS.

WHO a leader IS

1.         The CONTEXT in which you are a leader

2.         Leadership of SELF


WHAT a leader DOES

3.         Completing the TASK

4.         Develop and support the INDIVIDUAL

5.         Establish & maintain the TEAM



6.         Engendering TRUST 

7.         RESPECT of others and others having respect for you 

8.         Two way COMMUNCATION  

9.         CONFIDENCE in others and others having confidence in you

10.       CONSISTENCY of your actions

How we help
We drill down into each of these elements, providing a range of workshops, coaching and resources based the LeadershipEQ Framework. We share not only what to do, but how to do it and why do it. All our work is underpinned by current best practice and backed by academic research.
At the centre of our services are the LeadershipEQ Experiential Workshops. These provide new, emerging and existing leaders with real skills they can apply immediately in their context.  And of course, our experiential workshops have extra HORSEPOWER added, providing a feedback rich and psychologically safe environment to learn and apply new skills.
After just one day with Helen and working with her Horses I got to see how there are times when I completely miss the behavioural cues people are giving me because I am making them mean something different from what they are,  or I am busying my head with too many things at once, or my visions, instructions and
expectations have not been clearly communicated.
Wendy Watego, Author & Founder of Stars Leadership Institute 
The power of connection